Given only seven months to produce a dome that could withstand Moscow's snow loads, Bucky Fuller recommended this Kaiser dome patented by his student, Donald Richter.  (Photo: Lucia DeRespinis, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
 Charles Eames (l), George Nelson (c), Jack Masey (r) explore how Charles and Ray Eames' multi-screen film, "Glimpses of the USA" could be shown at the US exhibition in Moscow. (Photo: USIA, Courtesy Jack Masey)
 The Eames's 7-screen film was intended to counter the skepticism of Soviet visitors about the quality of life in America. Shown: Clover-leaf highways and automobiles across the US.      (Photo: Courtesy, 2008 Eames Office, LLC)
 The fragrant smell of cakes baking wafted continuously through the American exhibition's four working kitchens. Soviet authorities barred Russian visitors from tasting the food.  (Photo: Collection of Dr. Shelly Weinig)
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