Afghan workers followed colored-coded markings on structural components to quickly assemble the geodesic US Pavilion in Kabul.    (Photo:   Courtesy, Jack Masey)
  The request of Afghanistan's King Zahir  that he be given this dome as a high-tech version of his country's indigenous "yurt" dwellings was declined by the US government.               (Photo: James Cudney, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
 A Lionel train set captivates Afghan visitors to the US Pavilion. Local custom permitted only men and boys to visit the fairgrounds in Kabul. (Photo: USIA, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
 R. Buckminster Fuller and Jack Masey with model of Kabul dome. Masey teamed with Fuller again at the 1959 US Exhibition in Moscow and at the US Pavilion at EXPO 67 Montreal.     (Photo: Courtesy, Jack Masey)
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