The US Pavilion was built with ancient building methods and crude bricks. Women porters climbed primitive scaffolding to bring masons bricks and mortar carried on their heads.  (Photo:   USIA, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
    The finished US Pavilion structure by architect John Vassos. Over the "Atomics" exhibit area of the US Pavilion, a giant atom foreshadowed the "Atomium" symbol of EXPO '58.      (Photo:   USIA, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
    The highly popular Magic-Hands demonstration at the "Atomics" Exhibit in  New Delhi was modeled after equipment used at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee.          (Photo:   USIA, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
  Jack Masey escorts Indian Prime Minister Jawarharlal Nehru through the "Atomics" exhibition, the largest and most complex component of the US Pavilion in New Delhi.    (Photo:   USIA, Courtesy, Jack Masey)
   Jack Masey, Soviet Party Secretary Nikita Khrushchev and Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin. During their official 1955 visit to India, the Soviet leaders visited the US "Atomics" exhibit.     (Photo:   USIA, Courtesy, Jack Masey)   
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